Boogie goes to Computer School

Kings of Comedy

Boogie gettin’ schooled by Steve Harvey

This past Thursday night, I went to a info session for a web design course at General Assembly in Santa Monica. I admit that I was a bit intimidated by the people there – artistic types who already had super-Wordpress blogs, people already in the industry, American Apparel model look-a-likes who needed to get a real job, and probably a genius sitting to my right. I learned a lot about the course and what I would get out of it. The part time course that I’m interested in taking turns out to be more of an introductory class on web design. Even the course adviser said that the part-time course won’t get you job-ready to enter the web design industry. The $11,000 full-time web design immersion class will – of course. My six-figure debt load would make that immersion course out of my reach if I want to maintain a realistic financial path to “recovery.” Recovery here means being able to pay the bare minimum of loan payments without having to decide between food and making the monthly payment.

I want to learn web design. So far, I’m reading books and trying it on my own through Dash (GA’s HTML web tool). I’m actually enjoying myself as I learn. Maybe in a few months, I’ll know enough to start building my own website. About what, I have no idea. I just know that as tech becomes more widespread and tech skills become more valued by employers, it would be a good idea to learn this stuff. Plus, it would be nice to have a job that actually interests me!

I’m going to try this thing out and give it my best effort. Who knows where it will lead me? Maybe, I’ll meet Boogie – that lovable spectator from The Original Kings of Comedy.